Some things you should know about me.

I am dedicated to the mission, deliberate in my endeavors, and inspired by progress.

I care about the details. I'm motivated by the learners.

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My expertise:

Since 2007, I have designed, developed and delivered learning experiences to meet organizational goals and individual learning objectives. Learning materials are accessible, engaging and effective. Courses are learner-centered, yet start and end with data driven decisions and methods.

My process:

My process follows the ADDIE model and consists of determining the needs of the learners, defining the desired learning outcomes and the learning objectives that will pave the way. I design and develop performance tasks and/or skills mastery assessments, followed by instructional materials and activities to ensure quality instruction. Evaluation of effectiveness occurs at all stages, including the evaluation of outcomes in the course and on the job.

Some clients prefer the AGILE approach to designing courses, which is another process I enjoy. Here, we work together to formulate a plan with regard to course content and design. I develop smaller portions of the course. Modifications, additions or refinements are recommended and I iterate until we are all satisfied. In the AGILE process, learner interactions are at the forefront and efficiency in design and implementation are fundamental.